Digital Turbine

What are people’s thoughts on digital Turbine APPS. The numbers look really good from a growth perspective with a forward PE of 33 and revenue growth this year expected to be over 250% of last year

Well you called out VW before it went up 20%, so i’m listening.

It’s been one of my go-to stocks on the CFD side since last summer and it always made me cash going long. I’ll admit I haven’t been swing or day trading the last few months with stocks generally moving sideways however but their year on year revenue is impressive and they are profitable. If they at least continue on the current trajectory I think the price will continue to rise.


I’m still holding VW for now. Have about 8% in this one which I have big hopes for

Im looking at holding this one for a few years if it can keep up with its projections

Been in APPS since $12. Their quarterly earnings are just consistently great and I like that they don’t really have any competitors. Like you, I have a hold plan of a few years.


I like the stock, I don’t like the business.

Do you have an upper limit to entry, merely glancing at its historic stock price, it seems to have accelerated a lot already. Where do you think it will normalise for the short term?

Looking at numbers similarly briefly, they’re making 1bn in revenue on a mcap of 6.4bn.

The volume at its current price is rather strong, so I suspect it could continue its upward trajectory, however if it does pull back or consolidate I think it’ll do so between where it is and the $63-65 range.

Presuming there are a few eyes on this one just now…? Coming back to a nice range. 63-65 still possible.

I’ll add more at 65ish

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Well, did you? I saw it sexily blasted through 69 with ease.

The entire tech sector seemed to be up yesterday however so I’m not sure how much of that growth was organic.

Bought a small amount, it’s 8.5% of my portfolio now so will probably only add on big dips now. Did you add recently?