Alpine 4 (ALPP)DD

Guys, for those that don’t know about Alpine 4 (ALPP)

I have attached some DD put together by an Investor I know.

I am heavy into this stock, started buying at 0.32 and loving the gains so far
It is currently +$7 and forecast to go far beyond this in the coming months.

I have the authors permission to upload


Whats your pt for it?

I have been reading that in 3 months between $15 - 20 much more bullish fiqures below.

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ALPP is my top holding by far, and has made more gains than the rest of my portfolio combined. Solid company about to go on NASDAQ. Good short term play, but I’m going to hold for 2 years minimum.

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Same here, over 200% up on my avg. price so far

It is by far my biggest investment as well, looking forward to the NASDAQ uplisting.

Surprised it isn’t bigger on the forum

I found out about it on a Stock Moe’s discord

Its cause its still OTC. It’s just a matter of time. It’s doing well on the leaderboard - Number 24 above CC and Facebook now. I saw first from Stock Moe too.

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Moes discord is excellent, well worth the monthly cost, I have more than doubled my initial investment because of that place in 3 months

Yes, i’m on the discord since Jan. Penny channel helped to increase my shares and gains

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It is amazing how busy it has gotten, when I joined in Nov there were around 20k members it is now over 10x that.

Just a pity many of the penny’s mentioned ain’t on T212 or I’d be retired by now

At the moment I just use it for ALPP DD really, brings some counterbalance to what you see on Stocktwits and Reddit haha.

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IQST is another one that seems to be gaining ground and is on the T212 Invest side

I watched the investor videos on their website, content and presentation seems quite unprofessional, did not like it…

I like the idea of alpp but the management is troubling me, just cant convince myself for a holding, idk

The management is exceptional. I would encourage you to do more DD in the company

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Explain (a bit more details) how the management is exceptional. Have you watched the videos on their website? So unprofessional! They seem so clueless!

Edit: I made a profit before recent correction and sold everything

I don’t know which videos you are referring to. Perhaps the previous year’s meetings? The company has been growing very fast the last couple of years, it’s a v different company to what it was a year ago and will be expanding a lot this year with a least 3 more acquisitions. The team is very driven and Kent is a great leader, they are transparent and care about their shareholders. If you want to find out more you are welcome to join the Alpp discord.

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Man - good for you. For me it’s been the dip that keeps on dipping…

Any catalysts for this to recover in the short term? I probably won’t sell, but still…


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NASDAQ listing is due in the next couple of weeks, hopefully markets are more bullish when it happens.

I have been topping up on ALPP and also NMGRF over the corrrction

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It’s because of the delay with the uplist to Nasdaq, share dilution, GameStop, market correction etc . Could be any day till Nasdaq. Just requires patience with this one. Its an opportunity to better your average if you can.


Thanks for the info @DIRK053 @DavidIain !

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