Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC)

Pls add Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC)
I want to invest in it and hold for a long term.

Today Is up more than 300%

DWAC Digital World Acquisition Corp. 42.40 +32.44 +325.70%
DWACU Digital World Acquisition Corp. 47.51 +37.34 +367.16%
DWACW Digital World Acquisition Corp. 10.68 +10.16 +1,953.46%

It’s already on the platform from what I can see?


Yes but on CFD only, I am waiting for INVESTMENT, because I want to hold it longer than one day.

its been there since yesterday in my ISA

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I am new on Trading 212 and I dont see DWAC on my INVESTMENT account only on CFD.

I am also located in Europe.

What is ISA?

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Perhaps needs added to the EU platform then.

ISA is a UK-specific product/account type.

This is an ISA - Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) - GOV.UK

Read carefully.

I’m loving this stock just like Tesla it just keeps on going up lol

Yes, please add it also for EU customers.
I am planning to invest into it regularly. So I dont care to much if I miss the start. That can happen.

(is already up 50% today in the pre market)

Do you not maybe want to wait for the SP to come back down to earth a bit?

IIRC they only have 300m, so the current mcap is insane!

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Now it’s going down?

I mean, that’s hardly surprising, right?


Glad I sold while it was still high!

Bought more into Tesla a reliable stock lol

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Volatile as hell, I wasn’t there but on Creatd, similar hype today, sold it at $8.

Well y’know, What goes up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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So what do you think is the right price to buy?

$10 or ideally less.

Right now there is no business plan so effectively have to treat it as cash. Even then they will need to burn through cash for whatever they build so your talking further raises and dilution.

Do you think is realistic that it will go so down?

People seems to be still buying it… That price is more like what would I expect when the whole market crash, which is not happening right now…

The company it’s merging with isn’t worth a penny, it’s literally a dream and 200m dollars.

Well a penny over 200m

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many people with loose pockets will spend on hype for something out of pure ideals, without even considering the economic value of doing so.

not saying its a bad thing as it means easy money for the rest of us. they don’t want their money then let us take it off their hands for them.

it went up easily, so it will go down just as easily. perhaps it will settle around $20 for a while, but they will need to come up with something substantial to go on from there.