Who else is holding Digital World? (DWAC)

Unbelievable at the minute it was up by 135% now at 339 lol

I am watching the after-market and it makes me wanna vomit.

My cfd SHORT position at $44,66 is not making me feel well with 1:5 margin and +30 % after market…

Happy for you tho!

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Just one for the gamblers this one

I would love to but Not at the current price. Like any other SPACs stock, I will only be interested in investing / swing trading when the price is around NAV around US$10 to limit to damage. When they are about to merge, I will sell it.

If they are back to $US200+ I might even consider shorting it.

I might reenter again later when the price drops below what I am preparing to pay.

Not as extreme as this but there is also another SPAC stock e.g. Quantum Scape -QS (Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp) that behaves like DWAC reaching US$132+. See where they are now, around US$23

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Going to be a lot of bag holders on this one.