Diluted Shares -late notification- IAG shares

Hi there,

Yesterday happened to IAG shares to be diluted, there it was some news, but I did not know anything about that until yesterday.

Yes they gave us the opportunity to buy more shares at a special price, but if I’d have not enough money at the moment of dilution? Your mail comes in late afternoon with the info of how to do it, I could lost a lot of money just because I did’t know this news before.

Could be a very helpful a notification via email and via dashboard about any incoming dilution of shares or opposite event like for Kitov Pharma (KTOV) shares BEFORE that the event happens, and as soon as you have news about any of those scheduled event, most of us have many investments in many different companies and is difficult monitoring everything.

I would like that other people that agree with me will push the staff to have this feature in the near feature as a primary issue to be sort it out.

Agreed, it would be a nice feature.
However, when you buy a share in a company then you own part of the business and it is up to you to keep track of that business. It is not up to your broker to tell you all the important news around every company that you own. They anounced they were going to do this on 31st July meaning you had plenty of time to discover this by keeping track of the companies you own. If you are an investor then you should be disappointed that you missed this information. If you are a trader/speculator (and don’t follow company news) then this is part of the game im afraid.

Yeah I agree with you,but it was just a very very small part of my investment.

This is why I asked as a feature, they should know as a broker every movement on the market, and put that news into the linked accounts should not so hard, and helpful for who are busy or who don’t follow the market. Remember that not all the users are professional investors and do not follow the companies, maybe they put money for their pension and keep it there for a long long time and is not a game for them.