Display TERs while buying ETFs

Can we please have a way to see the TERs for ETFs to make more informed decisions while buying? I don’t see that even in the instrument details.


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This would be handy. Hargreaves Lansdown has it, though I’ve sometimes found their data on OCFs is out of date when the provider has made a fee reduction that they have failed to notice.

But would you ever buy an ETF without first visiting the website of the ETF provider to read about it as fully as you can, including what they say there about the OCF/TEF?

I use JustETF in general to know more about them and also to compare them with similar ETFs etc. That’s my source to know the TERs. Am not sure if there’s any better way. :slight_smile:

Super useful commercial API from @Finki feeds live OCFs and costs and charges data and live KIIDs links via a simple API for brokers and investment platforms … Trading212 should get in touch :slightly_smiling_face:



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I wouldn’t at least, but it would still be good to have the OCF displayed to confirm :smiley:.

Might as well display Transaction Costs and Performance Fees too. Get the whole picture. Finki provides all underlying securities holdings of ETFs and ITs on top of all charges data! T212 should give it a go! I’ll give them a special deal :wink::sunglasses: