TER and other ETF information missing

Hi there,

I’m new to T212 (but used other platforms)

Am I missing something… why can’t I see ETF details such as if it’s Accumulating or Distributing and importantly, the TER (total expense ratio)?

These seem like important data that should be displayed.


Scroll down and tap on “Instrument details”, it’ll then show you a link to the Key Information Document (KID) which includes ongoing charges, etc.

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Thanks Bosta - I thought this ‘relatively static’ information (TER) would be better found on the first ETF page or at least on the instrument details page.

Any idea why they choose not to display?

Welcome to the Community, @ticky :wave:

We do include information on whether an ETF is accumulating or distributing by adding (Acc) or (Dist) at the end of the instrument’s name. When it comes to the TER, I’ll forward your feedback, and we’ll consider how we can better visualise this information :pray:

Just to note it’s the OCF that is now used, not TER. Minor technicality :crazy_face:

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