Dividend Tracking Website connected to T212

Hello guys, hope you are doing great.

There are a lot of websites that helps you track your dividends and your overall portfolio performance by directly extracting data from your broker (trackyourdividend, simplysafedividend). Therefore you do not have to manually add orders you make.
I was wondering if you knew such website where you can directly link your trading212 account to follow your performance.

Many thanks.


The only site I know which supports T212 is ShareSight: https://www.sharesight.com

The free version is limited and the paid version quite expensive. There are other solutions, but most of them you have to manually enter your transactions.

I just use a spreadsheet where I enter my received dividends per stock per month.

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Thanks for your answer, hoping that more of these websites will be able to add T212 to their “supported broker” list. Makes tracking much easier to see paiment date, dividend growth, dividend safety score, etc.