Dividend Calendar

Sorry if it’s already been mentioned before, but I read somewhere that T212 were going to add a dividend calendar showing exactly how much I’ll get paid in dividends and on what day, automatically personalised for my account. Is this correct?


Thats a great idea! What I would also like to see is total dividend payment per month so you can organize your future orders, and could also be useful for auto investment…

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This is available on holfolio.com - add your investments and you will have a personalised dividend calendar showing past and upcoming dividends, and it will automatically mark them as reinvestments


I think that more important than when you’re going to be paid is the ex-dividend date, which determines when you get assigned the actual dividend.

I’d LOVE to have a calendar of my holdings or watchlist on Trading212 with these dates!

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The page has ex div date as well, example screenshot:

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How is this different to Seeking Alpha for example?

Portfolios are public so you can follow other investors you like and see what they’re doing as well as creating a public investment track record for yourself.

Has there been any announcement from T212 around this topic I have not been able to find anything @George