'Since you were last logged in' & Dividend Assist?

Could be cool to have a function whereby T212 notifies you of how much your portfolio has changed since the last time you logged in.

I have noticed that ‘Gemini’ does a similar thing and it’s really cool to see. You could give users the option to turn it off if they wish.

Could just be a ‘notification’.

t212 could also add a dividend tracker, a small calendar showing the expected dividend date and predicted amount?. Many users track their dividends in an ‘MS excel’ document, perhaps there could be something done here to help users.

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As long as we can switch ‘log in’ notifications off(I would find it annoying as prefer a simple interface where I subscribe to extra if needed), but can see how some people would find it useful information.

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Definitely would be interesting- I’d be up for it for sure- but would much prefer changes by hour, day, week etc. First on the graph

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for sure, could even class it as a ‘widget’ whereby the user could add it on or ‘subscribe’ to it as you say.