Greetings fellow investors

Looking to increase my exposure for our garden of Eden but struggling to find good quality stocks and there is where my question to community came from. Give me names xD I’ll do my own DD after, but if someone already did some investigation about any of such stock it’ll be most welcome if one could share it with others :smiley:

your question is a bit to broad so before just dumping a list I would want some more information.
can you give some sectors/industries that you want? then I could give you a list of what I find interesting/own. Time horizon and risk also play a part.

good quality

I assume then good margins, nice growth etc. (in today’s market rarely cheap)

Infrastructure, finance, telecommunication ( have exposure to AAF doing great here) mining, companies focused strictly in region not like some % of their assets focused in there. Rather to invest in companies not ETFs. Health service and utilities. Don’t like to be narrow minded if you know what I mean. Interested in everything not discriminating anything.

KEFI (the GGP of 2021)


200k shares is enough for me there xD in there as well since February, thank you

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Have you tried this service, it’s still in development but found it very interesting

Includes my referral :wink:

Standard high quality: V, MA
More risky:
BNS (canadian bank with large Latin American presecne), JPM, FLOW (liquidity provider for ETPs), AFL, ASRNL (dutch insurance company)

JNJ, BMY, ABBV, MRK (just the standard big pharma)
ResMed (US med equipment for sleep apnea, am planning to write a public analysis on it in a couple days), Sartorius (german lab/med equipment), Thermo Fisher Scientific, Hikma pharmaceuticals (UK generics maker with focus on north africa/middle east aside from Europe)

High quality: NEE, WTRG, AWK
Riskier: Engie, National Grid

I don’t know much about telecom/infrastructure/mining as those are not sectors I’m personally intrested in so I don’t think I have the knowledge to recommend any there. Could give you some in basic materials (mostly specialty chemicals) or real estate if you want.
(am Dutch myself so I am biased towards Dutch companies : )

I think I used free trial some time ago but don’t want to pay for subscription. Rather put the same money into some stocks

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What Lithium do you have?


I also have KOD

Thanks for your input, will have to spend some time now for searching into them

Was heavy in KOD at some point but sold out all when reached +100% on it, may get in again but waiting for better entry point

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Do you have any Salesforce? I don’t but with the Slack getting merged soon and going over sold position on the daily, I might be in. Solid business.

I’m not feeling good with all that hype in technology atm, waiting for bubble to pop, and even if it won’t pop i will not regret xD


Two I think are great value right now are BABA (growth) and ULVR (value play, its dipped recently but on no real negatives business wise perhaps just the merging of NL and UK)

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You might wanna look at what’s inside ETFs to find inspiration.
Companies like BlackRock rarely bet on the wrong horses so you might find some interesting picks there.
Good luck :slight_smile:

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If your new to investing, then look at ETFs like:

VWRP Vanguard FTSE All World Index
XDWT Xtrackers MSCI World Information Technology

If you are looking for individual stocks, then DYOR but to give some ideas for growth stocks:

Ceres Power Holdings
MTI Wireless Edge