Simply Safe Dividends

Hello all,

I’m currently using Simply Safe Dividends on a 14 day trial.

It’s really good but they charge $399 a year (not so good) I cant help but think trading 212 need to get their own version of this as it’s so helpful to anyone creating a dividends portfolio.

Interested to hear what other people are using or if other agree with me.




Can you reproduce the calculation? Isn’t it just a score based on dividend payout ratio added to historical dividend performance?

I use trackyourdividends not nearly as refined as simply safe but for the price I’m happy. Most features are actually free.


What I’m trying to get at is that it would be a very helpful feature to trading 212 to offer. Can’t be all that hard either just to copy something? they must already have the data to make it work.

No… AFAIK they have a “proprietary algorithm” (actually two guys) that checks multiple financial data points of a company, combined with historical data and estimations.

Also not sure if legally a broker can/should “recommend” what stocks are better to buy than others.

+1 for this one. Great free resource.

Am I correct it doesn’t like the UK stocks? Good for USA and Canada.

Hi, their stock analysis and dividend safety score works for uk stocks, but you can’t track your portfolio value with UK stocks as they haven’t fixed their currency issue. Hopefully they will make it possible soon. I have a US heavy portfolio so I don’t really mind.
It deffo would be good to have something directly with T212.

There are also one or two little issues with certain individual UK positions – in some cases track your divs doesn’t recognise that they pay dividends. Overall, though, it’s great.

Hi, You could try It’s in the early phases but is similar to trackyourdividends.

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I would be happy with a calendar feature that shows payments etc I’m not after the recommend stocks part.

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