Dividends on annual German tax declaration

Hello dear investors from Germany :de: :wave:

Does anyone have any link or advice about what I have to do in the annual tax declaration related to my received dividends?
Actually, do I need to do something? :upside_down_face:

Vielen Dank!


I don’t have detailed information about this topic but I am also interested in as I will need to declare my investments on T212 for 2020.

I still want to share couple of URLs. If someone can provide better information or show that the information I shared is wrong if that is the case, I’d appreciate it.

As far as I know, you need to fill KAP (and KAP-INV) part during tax declaration for investments that are held in foreign brokers. Here are more details about this: https://www.finanztip.de/steuererklaerung-anlage-kap/

One detailed explanation I could find for the computations is here (for ETFs): https://www.finanztip.de/indexfonds-etf/investmentsteuerreformgesetz/. Although it is from 2018, it is based on new rules which apply from 2018. These changes should be more about taxes about ETFs I suppose.

These pages are in German but Google translate does a good job I think. I also find finanztip very useful in general, e.g. other aspects of tax declaration.

I hope someone with more experience would also help us about this topic :smiley:


Thanks, I will have a look on these links :wink: