Dividends payout date

Hi, I’m new to trading & 212 app but with being on lockdown I am setting this time aside for research and self-education.

I’m not looking for quick fixes, I want to invest in the long run so dividends investing is my aim.

I’ve looked around but can’t find the answer so hoping someone here can help! Is there any information on a company profile within 212 that informs us of their dividends payout schedule?
I.e. quarterly, annual etc as well as last payout date?

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Sadly at present view, there is no information on dates.

According to t212 this should be part of major release planned for April.

Meanwhile you can use other resources like yahoo finance, dividends.com, seeking alpha , investing.com etc…


Thanks! It’s good to hear this option is likely to be rolled out soon.

Enjoying using the app even if it’s not large amounts I’m investing!