Dividend payment dates query

Hi there, this is probably a bit daft me asking but will there or is there a place on the trading 212 app or website to show the dates payouts for dividends?
Other than manually looking up each one myself.

@jaylwalker93 We don’t have a dividend calendar yet but we’re working on building one.


You might consider providing a note on the buy page to say if the stock is currently trading ex-dividend. This is useful to know.


Or you could use the monthly tables I produce showing dividend pay dates and research links


That’s actually really helpful, best I’ve seen yet. Thank you, added a shortcut to my home screen! You should consider adding an ad at the bottom of the page, just make a little bit of money from it. Even make an app out of it possibly. Only dividend apps I’ve came across are free but useless, or cost a fortune

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I’ve been building bespoke ones by month , but maybe I should just make a ‘coming soon’ dividends page and update it every week or do to capture new dividend declaration.
Might be a project for next week.
Ads - yes, need to offset these time and server costs but not found a viable avenue to generate revenue yet! I can’t imagine I could charge people for access to the ‘calendar’ unless it was $tiny - like $1 or less per month maybe. Dunno.
Any suggestions for the data required (Separate calendars for ex, pay, Uk, us???)
Someone also wanted a bespoke portfolio upload option do you can track just your selected stocks dividends — any takers for that?

Honestly, you’d be losing a large user base if you charge a fee. I personally wouldn’t find it valuable enough to give up a proportion of my dividends just for a more convenient way of knowing when they’re being paid. People are much more accustom to ads these days, just one Google adsense ad popup at the beginning of going onto the site.
I’d say a simple table format would be good, filter by ex. or by pay date. If you could make a profile page to save your own holdings would be good, and allow no. of shares to be entered and then you can give a column that calculates your pay, and then a sum of your pay. You could develop it a lot over time .

Only problem with all of this is T212 said they’re making a dividend calender so anyone on this platform won’t need it soon

Hi David! It would be highly appropriated to have the possibility to see dividend dates directly on the chart (like on yahoo finance for example) as it takes time to switch from app to app to have a complete analysis of a stock (and dividend I think is one of the basic info an investor is looking at).
Also it would be great if you will change the way chart is displayed on iPad app, it’s much better as on iPhone version (talking about changing the time frame displayed from 1 day to 1 year and Max). Currently on iPad version when you change the time frame it is changing the way chart is fluctuating and not the time frame you select to display. Very confusing.
Thank you for your rapid response.


This is exactly what I have been looking for, do you still curate these lists on a monthly basis?

I can only access the March list?

Thanks for putting the effort in to creating this list

You can find May and June on the website too. But then I got lazy/busy and stopped. Many people have asked me to start again. I’ll try

You can build yourself via the Finki API… but, like me, most people are lazy and don’t want to.

I have the data so making it ‘live’ isn’t too difficult either… I just need to build it …

Stay tuned. I’ll try to hack something out

Quick hack for August dividends for you
Made it searchable too



Looks great. How much effort goes in to updating this month on month? Have you looked into a way of automatically doing it for you?

I honestly hacked that in about 10-15 minutes as it’s built on FinKi data… which I already have, pay for, licence, ingest , store and serve via the Finki API (building and scaling that process was significantly longer time frames)

I often think about doing it automatically. Certainly. But then I’d effectively devalue any API I sold and throwing out static HTML tables makes it super easy to scrape for free… which I know is happening (I see you IP addresses! )

Ultimately doesn’t matter. This is largely for fun and to help out. Costs me relatively little in time and money. This element of it is a lead to talk to interesting companies about interesting projects. The FinKi API dividend feedy-thingy should be free forever. It in itself is not a commercial API. It’s a super simple way for non techies to consumer investment data direct into a spreadsheet rather than coding.

Yeah I get everything you’re saying, makes sense.

It looks great though, fair play for putting it all together.

Nobody looked too closely as no one pointed out I’d put Record Date in the Pay Date field. :eyes:

Whoops. My bad. :eyes:

That explains why the Divinend amount disappears once you go past it!!!

Thanks for this information. :slight_smile: