Do you keep your investment choices secret?

As the title really do you guys jealousy guard your choices or do you share/discus them openly?

I know theres always a risk of somone taking your choices as financial advice. Is that what stops a lot of people talking about what thier investing in or is it more you dont want others to jump in and profit from your hard work, or just you dont want to have to admit if it went down? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Openly discuss… don’t think investing talk is as taboo as salary talk.

Plus where’s the fun in keeping things to yourself…?

Also I think this risk is smaller than made out as the average person is very cautious with their money, so if they do something with it, they will and do own that decision. If not, they couldn’t afford the legal fees to claim damages from the person they relied on :joy:

Haha you say this but I’ve seen large groups of people throw thier money away when one person in the team has a “sure thing” tip on a horse :joy:

I show it on my YouTube Channel, hope
my disclaimer is enough to protect me from the financial advice thing. Definitely doesn’t have to be private, I don’t get it at all, I like being open about everything

I built an entire thread disclosing pretty much everything I have :joy:

Doesn’t bother me in the slightest in fact the opposite, it’s where you gather super helpful advice. Sharing is caring. Knowledge is power. So forth and so on.


From what I was reading online, albeit an American forum, there is still a perception by some that the stock market is gambling or inherently evil. Anyway that is the extreme end of it.

@CeeGee I agree, I talk to my friends and colleagues who invest to share tips. I wouldn’t bore anybody who had no interest in the topic though!

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Funny you should say gambling as I was chatting to a financial advisor who said that to me today!
We had a great chat about stocks and then he ended it with “it’s still like gambling”
He did financials for companies in the FTSE 100 and couldn’t invest with it being a “conflict of interests” maybe he was tad envious or maybe he’s telling the truth!

I only have one friend who invests so I have to bore people on here :smirk: (Through my thread, so it’s a choice to be bored by me)

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It is not a secret but it is a bit like porn…
although we all have some under that “old-office-docs-definitely-boring-dont-click” folder, we don’t broadcast them in public :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside I think showing current positions is 10% of the picture, other 90% is timing.
For example I got 160 different instruments total in my SIPP/ISA/INVEST accounts and I am very overweight in Apple shares, and my last apple purchase was in 2019. If I copy and paste my portfolio here, it may imply that “I think buying apple right now is a good idea” which is complete opposite my belief at the moment. And someone might follow that advice (although my profile says, don’t listen to me…)

On the other hand, I maintain a very dynamic complete buy list divided over sectors, I have been planning to reduce the number of instruments on there and make a post about it here. I’ll try to create some pies for myself to ease this buying. If I can manage to get my buy list below like 60-70 shares you might see it here someday soon :slight_smile:


This might be a good place to hint to what’s coming next week - Pie sharing:


I openly discuss my salary, I don’t really discuss my portfolio because there’s nothing much to discuss. If people ask what’s in it I’m happy to tell them what and why 🤷 but it would bore most people I think.

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Most people are boring :joy:

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Does the screenshot also mean the updated web UI is also launching next week?

I’ve seen the Full launch of Autoinvest and PIE’s announcement but it didn’t specifically mention the web interface!? :crossed_fingers:

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Web app update is scheduled for the end of August.


Imagine holding Tesla, Exxon and Shell, bit of a conflict there :rofl: Guess it could make financial sense :man_shrugging:t4:

Energy now and energy for the future, covering all bases yes?

Possibly. Or the person investing in Tesla only sees it as a car company and likes the cars but doesn’t think oils going anywhere. I don’t think oils will disappear, we need it for many many things, but i believe it will be in decline so from my logic why would I invest In a company which I believe will have declining revenues. Plus it’s a moral thing too, I don’t invest in companies or industries I don’t like

Not secret. But I have a vision towards the future. Especially when it comes to renewable energy related companies and not everyone shares that vision. I don’t care what they think about it. In the end I am right.


Could we have the Play Store and App Store hyperlinks on our shared pies contain our personal referral code or would that be a transparency issue?
And the same with the pie sharing link. If they sign up through this link on browser could this work also?

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With the initial version of Pie sharing - no, but we will improve it soon so pies can also act as referral links.


I have changed my strategy few times… what’s also OK, the more you learn, more you do improvements on any area of your live.

My latest strategy version is very simple:
For blue chips/dividends/etc: I have some historical timeframe targets, like 5Y, 10Y 15Y and 20Y, if a stock has beaten S&P500 in 3 out of these 4 targets, considering reinventing dividends, then I hold it separately, otherwise I will stick to VUSA/QQQ.
Exceptions: Stocks that I manage to buy very low and mighty give a mid-term (at least) return above the market.

Growth: Any company with very good growth potential that are solid already and kind of leader (or almost) in any segment. e.g. Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, AMD, Nvidia, Nee, etc.

ETFs: some for diversification and heavily on VUSA/QQQ.

The rest goes all to Nikola :clown_face: