Do you keep your investment choices secret?

What’s the point in all that strategy when Nikola will out perform any of those companies with zero risk?


All in NKLA, millions here we come :moneybag:


Oh that would be ace, theres a lot more dedicated people than me willing to build a personal etf and share it for us lazy guys to tweak :joy:

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Well it seems BP and big oil shares your vision. Rolls Royce, Airbus and the major world governments share your view too.

(Clean energy etf is in my current attempt at a stratagey at 10%)

Not at all. Fossil fuels are not on my list.

I mean of renewable energy, BP especially is betting big on it in the coming decades And both have been making noises about transitioning into being energy companies rather than oil companies.

Iirc the BP announcement was they expected renewables to account for over 60% of energy in the EU by 2040

Those interested in long term hold 5G stock is here wandisco

I discuss my salary and will happily discuss my portfolio. People not discussing there salaries is a big hate of mine lol how will we insure equal pay if we don’t.


True, but for now they rely on 3rd party companies. For example Shell is working with ITM Power on hydrogen, same for Exxon working with FuelCell Energy. I rather invest in those companies directly. ITM Power, FuelCell Energy, Nel ASA, etc. Those have my focus directly.

Thing is any company like ITM, Shell, will just acquire when it wants. Your increasing your exposure by trying to cherry pick, but the reward, I guess, could be bigger.

I’ve done the same with Ceres and so on…

Xilinx stock the chip maker hard hardware for 5G pls share

discussing my salary is grounds for dismissal by my contract :hugs: but i just spilt my guts about investing My current buy list (future pies)

Bingo, not sure where this stigma of non discussing the salary. It goes to favor of managers/CXOs, as there are many folks that just are not good at negotiating and making themselves heard/rewarded.

Especially nowdays this stigma should be wiped as soon as possible. With wealth inequality widening in last 20 years…


Yeah there’s no reason for not being open about it. It should be public knowledge. The only reason to hide it is if there’s something you have to hide

True but I don’t support the scandals Shell has been in and still is in. It’s also about ethics for me.

I’m not sure what country you are in but I believe this is not a legal clause and you could take it to court if you wished.

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salary inequality is a myth, bruh

That would be illegal under the equality act 2010. Contracts don’t trump law and you’d be in for a nice sum of money I would imagine if they fired you for legally discussing your salary.

I wish that was the case but without everyone disclosing their salaries how could you know that?

Bcs its a myth.