Does anyone have any contacts with Freetrade staff?

Guessing you haven’t seen this then?


Thanks for the link - interesting read.

It could have been one where leadership could have got replaced quickly like other startups, however given most of their money is via crowdfunding, I doubt they are accountable to anyone but themselves.

I am very surprised by this and it certainly does not look well for them.

I’m curious what was written here :thinking:

I think many have voluntarily became inactive.

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Agreed - it is making me think of moving some of my money out of them and into another broker.

Was a toss up between them and this platform 3/4 months ago. I’m so glad I chose the right road :raised_hands:t2:
I saw the light before I knew I needed to!

For me forums are a huge huge part of my learning. This forums free speech has got me where I am now! Never change.

True also, so much so that they have a thread started by CEO on how to boost forum engagement. Tone deaf much and an indictment on what was once a bustling forum with active discussion. Now it’s a shadow of its former self in some respects (still good just more tame). Those power forum users that were sparking varied content discussion have either been suspended or become lurkers.


Someone wrote this today on the Crowdcube board :popcorn: - reveal yourself :eyes:


Just invest in enough $ICE and then surprise those nitwits by logging in 3020!

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I guess he is just banned on the community forum, not on the investment app itself, so he should be able to invest :slight_smile:

Nonetheless, why choose Intercontinental Exchange?

That wasn’t me before anyone thinks that :rofl:

just out of interest why is there always a big focus on Freetrade on here?

In this specific thread or on the T212 forum? :sweat_smile: I don’t see many references to Freetrade tbh, I would expect a lot more being one of its UK competitors, and there aren’t exactly loads which offer free trading.

Its a bit like Monzo/Starling, although they seemed to both be fine with customers knowing about each bank even with all the history involved.

I don’t think T212 are that fussed if people mention Freetrade features, they don’t exactly have anything that would make anyone jealous :joy:

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Made a video on Freetrade, feel free to leave any other things you’d like to call them out on in the comments :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :hugs:
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If anyone wants to have a debate :man_shrugging:t4:

Freetrade is so terrible, everything about it is like :grimacing: even there stocks lag 15 minutes behind for prices like it’s not 2020 lol

when you moved over with isa transfer are you confident you will get any dividend payments still to be paid into freetrade forwarded on to t212 or are they lost.

Think it’ll just, be up to you to go back and check your account with them to see if any have cleared after the transfer and ask them to transfer that too.

Can’t imagine they’d be overly proactive about it.

I cancelled my investment into Freetrade as a business. I never used Freetrade as an investment platform