My Trading 212 "free share portfolio" :D

I thought I will create that topic for fun purely and becouse I have only free shares in my invest account (I have all my investments kept under ISA protection) its easy to track them.

Free share portfolio: 0.51% up

Century Link: 13.02% down
General Electric: 28.42% down
Ocado Group: 27.73% up

I’m wondering as well if anyone’s free share lead them to investigate a bit more about company and increase theirs allocation in it?

No, my free share was garbage and I already know all about the company. I know of someone who got a $100 share though, mine is about 10% of that but I don’t really worry about it, I only used a referers link because they were desperate to get their ‘free share’ but to me it’s just a novelty, I would have signed up regardless