Goldstone Resources🛎 stock request

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Goldstone Resources, Ltd. (GRL)

" I’ve only seen one other junior gold company go from sub £10m cap to £400m+ and that is Greatland Gold […] I do believe however, Goldstone could offer a similar opportunity "


-LSE share chat
-Investor presentation


Loved the movie.

Blah blah blah 20 characters.

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Hahaha bumpity bump bump works too

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You’ve piqued my interest. :joy:

Does anyone know if this guy is on T212? He does amazing DD into gold stock, and wonder if he’s come across them.

@Theinvestmentjourney was worth a try.

Hmm I’m not sure but we’ve got @Donald_Duck !

Edit: Ohhh TheInvestmentjourney made those GGP videos!
Yeah either him or Magic_trader would be amazing

@phildawson since you’re on freetrade maybe you could ask him.
I left a message on his youtube video


Hahahaha never mind then. Youtube comments it is

+1 for Goldstone Resources Ltd

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I would be interested in this one (GRL) if it was available.
The presentation and article sounds very promising :smiley:.

However, it may be important to consider its jurisdiction (Ghana seems risky, so it will need to develop) and that they will need money to finance soon which may dilute shareholders and pose a challenge.

I think GGP exploded due to its good jurisdiction (Australia), a large company providing suppport (Newcrest, in exchange for a majority of the resources) as well as the potential large mineral ore encountered.


Gold I heard gold. I’m interested too :flushed: I’m drawn to the stuff like a month to a flame!


You’ve got the gold bug.


I think I need to see a doctor about this! I was probably a pirate in my past life :woman_shrugging:t2:

I have the bug for sure.

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Just as an update, Phil and I have contacted both TheInvestmentJourney and MagicTrades, the guys who made these two excellent videos on GGP
GGP stock analysis June 2020
The Paterson Project: Havieron

They have both answered us and will look into GRL further.
Magictrades even replied with an email


That first link was such an interesting video. I’m so glad you shared that otherwise I’d not have seen it! So much potential. Question is to buy more now at 12p or potentially miss “another” window if it hops up end of July!!

Will you keep this thread updated with news on GRL. I’m very interested in this. Got me dreaming of Gold and that top quality Quartz!

Cant believe the flooded mine was potentially just left and walked away from! So many African mines can only be mined at certain time’s of the year due to floods. Treasures beneath!

Did you ever read my piece on Bushveld Minerals? That’s another miner you might like…?

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I did like a month ago but it wasn’t on the platform I think so I forgot about it. Would be great to have a user friendly way of seeing the “recently added” stocks!

Has there been any news on the Mokopane license since?
And the little devil on my shoulder is making me ask you… do you see SimplyWallSt’s fair valuation as realistic? :smiley:

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So…no, it’s a bit too much for my tastes.

But they’re a high quality company with some real upside.

Latest annual report is here. I haven’t seen any new from Mokopane yet, but admittedly I’ve spent a while heavily researching China and Sth America.

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I did read something. Was that the one with the fan page?

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Yeah that’s the one.

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I’m quite keen on GRL from what I’ve looked at. Excited to follow this thread and see what happens…
Damn goldbug!

Need to do some more watching on Bushveld…I started then got super side tracked. I did read the fan page and loved how passionate they were then suddenly they all went quiet in around 2018.