Does the refferal program still exists?

Does the referal program still exists ? because i can not find it anywere. i reffer to the refferal program where u invite a friend and both of u get a free share. Where i can find my own link to spread or code or somtehign

yes it still exists, on the web app go to top right on your account and click and you sill see get freed shares, or on Android Apop, then click right bottom 3 lines and then get free shares

the referral program is only eligible in certain countries. if you aren’t registered in one of those countries then you cannot take part, sorry.

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i do not have it…I am from Romania so probably that is the reason

for sure that is the reason

c mon…why would it have certain countries excluded?? i want a free stock also

are they even working on bringing all countries in?

No info on that yet. Maybe after the AutoInvest release from next month, we will find more about future plans.


You will survive without 1 Ford stock, trust me…


I’m in the UK and was able to refer a friend before however the option has disappeared for me

edit: on both the mobile app and web app

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Or HP or National Grid…

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Or General Electric lol

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