Get free shares by sharing your pies

You already know how the Invite a Friend promotion works - you share your referral link and get a free share for each new account created via that link.

Now the links of your shared pies work as referral links too and everyone who sees your pie and then opens an account will grant you a free share.


Nice! Next step is just the possibility to copy the shared pie.

By the way, I see that the number of countries where “invite a friend” is available reached 12. Any chance to expend soon to more countries?


I think Western Europe will have priority over Eastern Europe. After all Western countries will be added maybe they can start on the Eastern ones.

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this feature is already available?
If i share a pie and someone use it I can receive a free share?

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I don’t get a free stock when I share the app (it has been clarified that this is because of the country I reside in). Does this also apply for the share your pie?

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Yes. The conditions remain exactly the same.

Thank you! I look forward to be able to get free stocks as well :slight_smile:

My country does not included :frowning:


How do you import someone else’s Pie or Duplicate it without having to type it in manually yourself?

Portugal investors unfortunately are not so welcome as others in Trading 212 because there is no promotion for referring Portuguese friends/investors.

I already promoted Trading 212 to some Portuguese friends and some of them have already register in Trading 212, some already invested, others are trying the demo account.

Because there is no bonus for me and other Portuguese investors, I stop promoting Trading 212.

(And also because I asked some new European Stocks, some months ago, and until now no response from Trading 212, it seems that some stocks are added more quickly than others, e.g. unknown US IPO stocks are added almost in real time, and European older and known stocks are left behind.)


The same case for Slovenia. Among friends, I’ve also spread it over different forums, but …

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so can we use this forum for sharing our pies ?

how sure are you (Trading 212 as a whole) that there is no legal challenge to this feature. i’m only thinking of this now after so many months of using pies given they emulate ETFs and can be seen as taking business away from them. more so because T212 provide an effective way to work around the fund charges/expenses etc. and prompting people like me to pull money away from them and into ‘ETFs’ we replicate ourselves. not a naysayer, but just something i think your legal dept should consider very strongly in my opinion.

if you have, then :beers: else :fire:

That’s true! I really don’t understand why the referral program benefits are just for a few countries residents. I think it would be beneficial for @Team212 to extend the offer to all the countries.


After sharing a pie and another person joining trading 212 does the person needs to create an exact same pie? Or just needs to create any pie and invest something to get the promotion? how trading 212 will keep track of that?

there are no such things as a legal challenge for a platform feature. on the basis that you don’t have to buy into an ETF in the first place. you can emulate an ETF without a pie by just buying all the stocks individually. your own choice to buy stocks or ETFs and the fund managers get no say in where you put your money. there also plenty of similar ETFs, who is to say who is emulating the other? it’s just a fund, not a business.

it’s like being worried about a company that sells bottled water issuing a legal challenge to everyone who decides to just use tap water instead :man_shrugging:

@vhmoura it should work the same way as the referral system I believe. a unique link is followed which is tracked server side and if the user makes an account having followed that link you get issued with a free share. no need to use the pie or match yours, just make at least the minimum £1 deposit to activate the account.

Some country do not permit the free shares as those are bonuses and local control agencies and central banks do not allow it. I am Italian and my fellow friend can’t use the free share option as well. I am resident abroad and I am lucky with that

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appreciate that, but you’d be surprised how silly some lawsuits are. after all, law is all about interpretation, and money power, the latter driving the former sometimes. i’d hate to see a the company doing so much for us be a victim of that, is all :slight_smile:

I know what you mean. the degree some people will take things can almost beg belief. there have been quite a few lawsuits for plainly ridiculous reasons in recent times in the UK. thankfully they get thrown out after going to court :rofl:

Hi @George, any news about adding more countries to “Invite a Friend” and “Sharing Pies” programs?

Only 6 EU countries out 27 possible in these programs. Even Lichtenstein, a microstate with less than 40k people is in these programs (the equivalent of a small town in any European country, there are lots of Sports Stadiums with more capacity than population in Lichtenstein).

To qualify for this Promotion all of the following conditions must be met:

You and Your Referral have to be residents of one of the following countries:
    The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein or The Netherlands.

Add at least all the Eurozone countries.