More buy-ins = higher FX impact?

For one of my stocks, the FX impact is 2.40% (£350). Yikes!
I’ve bought shares in this one company many, many times — probably close to 20.

My question:
If I bought in fewer times, but my total invested amount would match my current total invested amount, would my FX impact be the same or lower?
Does FX impact just show what it would cost to turn the total invested amount (+P/L) back into GBP, or does FX impact increase with more buy-ins?

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer!

(Tagging in @staff for an official response, if possible.)

It is a moving goalpost, the above website is good to check as a proxy for exchange rate pairs.

Your FX Impact is the difference between the current market exchange rate, and the average of all the exchange rates each time you purchased the stock. It doesn’t matter if you made one purchase or 20, what matters is the exchange rate at the time of each purchase.