Fx impact calculation transparency

The way the fx impact is calculated seems disproportionate. Can someone explain. It has various percentages for £ vs dollar. For eg the profit from 1 Boeing share is £13 while FX impact is £14

When did you buy Boeing and at what price?

You currently get 1.32 for your dollar so ~£141.68 a $187.04 share.

I bought one share in March 2020 for 167.82 US dollars per share

Back in March, USD was at its peak, it has dived about 10% since, compared to other major currencies.

So it should be expected to see RED aka negative impact, on USD stocks FX if bought in March, when you have GBP/EUR account.

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So pretending you are exactly a pound down and it cost you ~£142.68

167.82/142.68 = 1.176

So I would guess this was possibly ~25 March?