Downloading CSV Transactions (Max Limit)

Up until now I have been downloading my .CSV account transactions using a date range from my account opening last year to date. However now that my account is older than 1 year the option to download transaction does not allow exports over a 12 month interval.

Up to this point it has been easy for me to download my transaction file and overwrite my old data file in 1 one quick process but I am now going to have to change this process and merge monthly exports with my main dataset.

Firstly does anyone have an efficient/automated solution to complete this process rather than, copying and pasting the new transactions in to an existing data file each month and recalling the dates since your last export.

Secondly, (aimed at 212) - Could we please maybe have some preset export options such as, “This Month” , “Last Month”, “Last Quarter”. OR the website holds a cookie than retains your last export dates?

Maybe I am just lazy and this is a non issue to others, but would be good to know how people are dealing with this. Personally I export quite often to keep my personal Excel spreadsheet up to date.

Any input welcome.



Hey, :wave:

Adding pre-set filter (e.g. 1 week; 1 month etc.) is actually a nice suggestion and we will check the options to implement it when expanding the filters.


Thanks for the quick response. Hopefully we shall see some additional filter/export options options at some point in the future :slight_smile:

Check out the google sheets thread. Think there’s some code to extract trades from contract notes to sheets.

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Oh dear, I have come up with a problem when trying to copy and paste my most recent transactions over to my data file.

Trading 212 does not export ALL relevant columns on each export. The export only creates columns applicable to the most recent trades in that export period.

So when trying to copy and paste my most recent transactions over to my old data file, the columns don’t match, so a simple copy and paste isn’t in line with the correct fields.

Anyone else have this issue?

@staff @Bogi.H Can you not export all Field Columns even if blank so this is standardised when exporting? anyone have any super ideas on a more elegant way to do this when using Excel?

@Dougal1984 I appreciate the response mate, but I dont use Google sheets and heavily invested in Excel with an overall finance workbook. Thank you though.