DRIP funds Allocation

Any chance for the ability to change the default fund allocation to another default

For example, the default is per percentage allocation of slices. I wish to make my default into self-balancing since I have overweighted slices in my Pie in order to gradually buy slices that are underweight.

I have not been able to find this functionality unless I do manually triggered invest action and then I can adjust my allocation.

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this feature isn’t implemented yet. Although I definitely requested for it because usually the idea of a pie is to have a certain amount of holdings rather than just allocate a certain amount of funds to a particular asset each deposit.

For now the best we can do is make manual deposits in between the auto-investments with the allocation set to self-balancing so as to help maintain the pie’s ratio for a short while. once your pie gets big enough it’ll be hard to balance your pie without triggering a rebalance or putting a lot more money in at once anyways I guess :man_shrugging:

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I set DRIP to off for now. This means that dividends for that pie are added to the free funds in my account in stead of to the cash in the pie. Then I add those funds to the pie with the self-balancing option. For that pie I will keep repeating this until weightings are almost as they should, then turn DRIP back on.

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