Early morning prices

Hi All,

I noticed first thing in the morning (prior to market opening) that prices have fluctuated from the day before, is this pre-market data being shown? The change is only shown in (%change) and does not actually alter the price. How accurate is this data exactly?

I’ve also noticed the change is almost always negative. For example right now, (6.40am) every single stock on the LSE is showing as a negative % fall. We may well be facing a bad day ahead but surely every single stock being down is not accurate?

Also, I noticed the prices change on the stock search function but that price isn’t reflected in your actual stock portfolio, why is that?

I guess my question is where is this data being gathered from and how accurate is it exactly?


@leobolton24 Please, ignore them, it’s incorrect. We don’t have available pre-market data for EQs, yet.

We’ll look into this & confirm when it’s been resolved.

@David No worries, thanks for coming back to me, appreciate the quick response.

@leobolton24 Found the little :bug:, it’s only a visual misrepresentation that occurs when markets are closed.

Will be resolved within the day.

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