Pre-market prices not correct (e.g. compared to Yahoo Finance)?


Did someone observe that the pre-market prices do not seem to be correct ?
For example, if I look at a US stock, at 1 PM, the price displayed under ‘Pre-Market’ is not the same as the pre-maket price displayed for example in Yahoo Finance.

As a consequence, I don’t receive a price alert if the price dropped pre-market.

Or am I looking in an incorrect way ?

Thank you in advance

Hi, @Bibi :wave:

Would you mind sharing if you’re referring to the CFD or to the Invest/ISA accounts? Also, could you give me an example of any of the tickers where you believe there is a discrepancy? I’ll check this with the team right away.

Hello @Momchil.G ,
I have an Invest Account
Example : stock = BIP right now :


TR212 : 31.38
Yahoo Finance : 30.00

Strangely enough, for some stocks the pre-market price is correct; e.g. CWEN

Thanks for the info :pray:

I’ve checked this with the team and can confirm that there is nothing unusual with the quotes and prices on our end. However, it’s worth mentioning that the price and chart data on the Invest/ISA are strictly indicative.

When it comes to other price providers, such as Yahoo, we’re unable to comment on their source of quotes. Still, any orders you place will always be executed at the best available price (for market orders) or at the target price you’ve set (for pending orders).


Thanks for your fast reply ! :slight_smile:

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After market the price can widen significantly even for big cap companies and the can be movements that are very brief and are reversed before the market opens. Thus I would take the after market price on any platform as only indicative unless its giving you an actual quote for a trade. Different platforms may have different sources or use the info differently as well (whether they have access to the order book, bid and offer and give last traded/bid/offer/mid…)