This stock isn’t updating

I’m finding all the stocks on the LSE are very sluggish on opening. This one hasn’t updated at all today. Any reason why?

Any liquidity in market?

Yup. there was.

Seems someone has fixed it now after seeing this post. PREM is also not updating at all but is showing trades on Yahoo finance… Why’s this happening?

The price was correct in the screenshot. I checked and it was also .070 ask price.

It has now changed on the app and LSE to .065

I can’t see the problem.

Am I just being stupid? Note the app is saying at the top that it’s yesterdays price. Also it doesnt match up with what Yahoo finance is showing me.

I am new to all this though:)

@nitx FYI, publicly available sources usually display last trade price, we use BUY (ASK). There’s a difference between the two & it’s possible to not have a new BUY price in quite a while.

I see, my apologies. Seems I was just being ignorant then. :upside_down_face: