Earnings Calls this week


nothing of interest for me this time :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like we’re getting Tencent one day late. :wink:

NKLA :rocket: :crescent_moon:

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Lyft will drop like a rock.

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Some of the other Cannabis related companies received mega boosts to their sp this past week and Tilray was +68%. Rise aready factored in due to the knock-on or more coming?

Very interested in Rocket too. One of the rare IPO’s of a very profitable company. Be interesting to see if they plan to go for M&A, dividends or buy-backs to get their sp to move off its spot.

WKHS: Put up or shut up time. Have they actually produced some vehicles this QTR or was the attack from Fuzzy Panda spot on?

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see a lot of people hyping up Sundial Growers Inc sndl, I never know where to look worth a punt ?

Do they do a UK Version of Earnings Call reports?

Some interesting Companiea in there though despite owning none of theirs.

As in explode right? :roll_eyes:

Lemonade on weds is main one I’m looking at. Also farfetch will draw my attention now alibaba investing in them

Yeah, we just call them QTRLY trading updates :rofl:

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