Ease of accessing community forum


Please can we make it easier to go straight from the app to the community forum. Should be just a click away.

Thank you


I may be wrong, but I think that it used to be there. Sometimes, the team tweak and adjust the menu, such as removing and reapplying the live chat facility.

Yeah I have seen it on the menu but for the most part it isn’t there. Thanks

it was temporarily removed to slow the rapid influx of new users to the forums that were joining the platform.

a large number of new people were joining and reaching out with similar questions or issues and T212 doesn’t have the manpower free to handle it all while still maintaining, improving and upgrading the platform.

Once major updates are through and things calm down a little I expect all the links and contact details to go live again on the platform.

We are planning to permanently restore the live chat feature next week.


You can bookmark the website link as an app on your home screen which works just as well.

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