When is the chat coming back?

I find it odd that the in-app chat is gone. I sent a few emails now since yday and got no response yet. Starting to feel like there is no support whatsoever from t212 team now.

How long does it take them to reply to your emails usually? I’ve always used the chat to resolve issues so far had been great service there, hope it gets back soon.



Where is the in-app chat for support?
Now there are only links out to the help centre or to ‘contact us’ via a web page.
Has there been a degradation in T212’s service? Why has the live support chat disappeared in this version of the app?


It comes and goes depending on staff and volume of traffic.

No, I think they’ve actually changed the app and removed the facility entirely.
Is it just me that sees that it’s now gone? Do you still see it?

it’s still there. the chat shows or hides across the client-base to manage how much of a load it experiences.

Me and a friend were wondering about this the other day. We were stood next to each other and chat was available to me, but not for him.

We were wondering if it was because he was on ISA and me on Invest, so he switched to Invest momentarily. Still chat wasn’t available to him. We then thought maybe it was because I have a higher valued account and was a more active user so got priority?

We also tried logging in and out a few times but each time I got access to chat but he didn’t.

In the end I just guessed it was because he was connected to a different server and it was luck of the draw, but it does make me wonder if there are any variables to it being available such as some users have a higher priority than others rather than pot luck which server you are connected to?

We use internal algorithms based on different metrics. Hence, the chat was partially available to % of the active clients, and the scenario above is likely to happen. Right now, the chat is completely disabled as our primary goal is to catch up with the load. My anticipation is to bring back the chat within several weeks. I’ll keep you posted. :v:

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The service has apparently gone downhill since I used chat about 2 years ago

Or the userbase has grown a ton since u came 2 years ago :slight_smile:

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Thats true, but its frustrating when you wait months for replies. It would help if they announced problems. I cant find any information anywhere this morning why my money hasnt gone in my account.

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I get you’re frustration, hope they help you out soon

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Its sorted now thanks :grinning: It was new to me waiting nearly 4 hours for an instant bank transfer. Ill transfer money more in advance in the future. I can accept how busy they are.

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Sweet, good to hear :wink:

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I have some issues and questions and when i tried to contact the instant chat team (done that in the past) I could not find it…
Is it gone? No more instant chat?

It does seem that way, you are now asked to send an e-mail