Forum not accessible via app anymore


Cant see a link on the app to this forum anymore ? Has it been removed on purpose ?


Hey @Bob :wave: ,

Yes, we removed it temporarily.

Most of the active members are aware that our primary goal is to create a healthy community, where people can share their ideas or/and feedback. However, with the increased load (and the provoked delay in our chat/email response time), we started to get many account-related posts, like: “Speed up my account verification”.

I mentioned this in several posts already - we tend to be fair in every aspect of what we do. This also includes maintaining a fair queue, where clients are assisted chronologically. In the meantime, we don’t wish to spread tension around with such posts - we understand that every single one of us would appreciate faster assistance. :mailbox_with_mail:

Nonetheless, soon the community button will appear back into your accounts, along with many other improvements. :v:


Ok understood. :slight_smile:

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ok. thank you clarification

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