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ECR Minerals

Operates in Victoria, Aus - so great (fair) political climate and one of their gold belts. The also have a subsidiary project in the Philippines.

Their main focus has an estimated 11m Oz of gold and is easier close to an existing monster mine owned by Newmont Gold ($50bn market cap).

Trades at 1.1gbx - 50m market cap. Financials look about as good as a penny stock can be after selling down their last project and taking a 2% royalty. They’ve also received a grant from the Aus Government and sold a couple of less promising licenses to fund exploration of this project. It’s very promising that they’re narrowing focus on a singular project - but could be an eggs in one basket sort of situation.

So yeah, that’ll do - always do your own research and satisfy yourself. These sorts of companies are super super risky - but the upside is incredible.

Be prepared for a long hold though - 8-10 years I’d think before it gets too exciting.

@CeeGee maybe your next goldrush target!


I’d be interested in this also :smiley:.

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Please add this stock @David

Ohhhhhh :eyes::eyes::eyes: thats my Sunday afternoon sorted!! Can’t wait to report on any findings and questions :smiley:

“ECR-Minerals has raised £500,000 via a placing of 100mln shares at a price of 0.5p per share.”

Wouldn’t have minded selling off a few lethargic, uninteresting shares for these at 0.5p.

Even if it did mean holding them for nearly a decade.

Not listed yet though.


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@David is this one on your radar? Is it even possible to add and soon?


Big + I’m still keen. Next target in my line of potential sight!

Along with Aussie on the exchange (I know I’m a bore mentioning it again and I am being patient :grinning:) just keeping it fresh :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@Gfclappah this one could be of interest to you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi 212, @David can I request ECR minerals ECR.L to be added please, could be the next GGP :eyes:


Hi all,

Has this been added yet? I don’t think it has.

UFO also looks good, would be great to have this. Thanks

@Mofojonno Unfortunately, Interactive Brokers don’t have it so we’re unable to support it as well.

Ok thanks for letting me know

@david does that apply to UFO (Alien Metals) too?