Mining Stocks Advice

Hi all,

I know naff all about mining. However one thing my portfolio lacks is exposure to minerals/metals etc. I dont wnt to buy ETFs of metals and not looking to buy physical either so looking at some mining stocks, potential to choose 1 to hold initially, leaning towrds perhaps Rio Tinto but open to recommendations.

Key factors for me are exposure to more than 1/2 metals, so ideally a miner who produces multiple essentials whether Gold/Silver/Lithium/Iron/Copper etc.

Help your freidnly bomber out then I will go research the top candidates :smiley:

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Would be interested in this myself- rare earth / lithium especially.

You might want to check out Glencore and BHP.
ii have just done a write up on each after their respective good dividend news.

(I hold Glencore and a tiny amount of Rio)

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Yeah I also hold Glencore and Rio. Both good stocks.

I wish Glencore gave out dividends though.

Glencore reinstated dividends. Looks like next one should be ex-div 22nd April (announced yesterday).

I’ve got quite a few mining stocks for dividends mainly. Will see how the increases in commodities, squeezes, nuclear and EV/battery influences will counteract typical mining cycle effects.

Currently in:
Anglo American
BHP Group
Polymetal International
Rio Tinto

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I hold GGP and KEFI happy with them both and both long holds.

I was going to get into Rio around the time I got GGP but didn’t. Kicking myself now!

Had my fingers crossed for months now seeing if Aussie will come onto the exchange so I can get some shares in Newcrest - nothing yet.

I hold quite a few mining stocks in the interest of diversification, ranging from big players to penny stocks, but my biggest holding is Rio Tinto. It’s just so solid, look at the news about it today for example. Massive growth and huge dividend and I’m feeling really confident about their operations compared to some of the others.

I’m fortunate that all my mining stocks are up, some more than Rio (due to being much smaller), but I still plan on keep Rio as my biggest. If I was just starting to buy now though, I’d be averaging in.

I like evraz I hold quite a lot of shares.

What’s the yield for Glencore? 212 have not added it yet.

Rio is so expensive though but I can see why.

Dividend Data says this dividend is 1.5% and the current overall yield average is sitting around 3%

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Cool thanks.

What are your thoughts on Fresnillo and Antofagasta?

I’m in these as well and Antofagasta is doing really well.

The dividend wasn’t worth the risk and where the price seemed to be in the cycle for me when I looked at Fresnillo. I think the fact it’s in Gold and Silver is a large plus though as silver looks good.

I haven’t looked at Antofagasta.

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I know! Not too bad for those of us that have been in a while of course but if you haven’t started your position yet, you might want to average in to it in case there’s a pull back. It’s obviously a long term dividend stock though so I’d still consider it safe to go in.

For a growing dividend stock, sometimes I want pullbacks for the higher yield on cost. Like GSK right now for example, same dividend payout, just cheaper to buy in. If you’re holding for the income, Rio’s fine to get in IMO.

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Im looking into vale, forward pe of 5 and around 4% dividend. Good growth prospects


These two :+1:



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Thanks some good ones for me to get to grips with. Now another way of looking at it:

What are the top 5 metals/minerals over coming 5-10-20 years?

No one really knows what commodity will do well or best…

It depends on what you think is coming.

  • If inflation, then likely precious metals (Gold, Silver, etc)
  • If we are going to “Build Build Build”, then metals used in construction such as copper and aluminium
  • If there is an oil shortage due to demand coming bac quicker than the OPEP releasing oil, then oil
  • If governments need a non-polluting, stable energy source and the public perceives nuclear energy as safe, then uranium
  • If the middle class in India grows rapidly in number and in wealth then gold might do well (apparently India and China consumers as well as central banks have been driving demand in recent years)

If we get into a massive recession then I don’t know… Any good commodities for a recession? :smiley:

BHP, Rio Tinto, Glencore, Evraz and Vale are some examples.