Ediston Property Delisted


Can anyone tell me what will happen with my shares now that Ediston Property has been delisted? They have apparently gone into liquidation but apparently not due to any bankruptcy that I can see from.
Will my shares get sold into cash or will i lose the shares completely?
I only have about £5 worth of shares but i’d like to know for the future how it works with such things.

Many thanks.

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We’re still awaiting the final details when it comes to the delisting of Ediston Property. Generally, delisted stocks undergo a liquidation process at a specific price, or they may be deemed worthless with a price of zero. Once the terms of the delisting are confirmed, we reflect the event and notify all shareholders. We will also share the terms of the delisting in the Corporate Events Category.

Hiya…Thanks for your reply…Just so i’m clear. Are you saying that if the price is worth zero I will lost the shares completely?

Thank you.

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Yes, it’s possible for shares to be delisted as worthless sometimes. However, this is beyond our control, as the terms depend on the company itself and other involved parties. There is an article on our Help Centre that covers this topic as well.

Interesting to note; it looks like Ediston Property has sold it’s entire property portfolio to Realty Income; which is my other holding.

I’ve just received a cash dividend “Return of Capital” in cash at 69p per share.

From what I read there may also be a dividend payout once liquididation is complete, 6-9 months time.

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Just wanted to update you real quick that we have reflected the event as per the information we have received, paying a 0.69 GBP return of capital for every share you held.

There’s nothing else on the topic for the time being. However, we’re following the situation and will notify you right away once there is an update on what will happen with the shares.

Hello…I received a Return of Capital also as dividends…I then bought more shares in another company with those free funds but the Return of Capital amount was deducted from the other company i invested in.

May i ask, has your Return of Capital been retaken or are all your funds in your portfolio accounted for?