Edit LIMIT buys

I placed a couple closed market LIMIT orders (where preset price to purchase stock) in case miss the boat. Also placed a MARKET order. Each will complete as and when preset conditions are met when the stock market opens.

I was a bit disappointed to find that you cannot edit/amend these pending orders whilst in processing status, even though wanted to do so whilst market was closed (as in now)

you can cancel and redo MARKET but cannot do any changes to LIMIT.

can you tell me why this is and whether that can be altered to allow editing and cancellation up until point stock buy remains incomplete.

Notably this can be done on Plus500, so silly me assumed that is universal and did not contemplate not being able to on Trading 212 prior setting the trade.

We should be able to react to instantaneous news of the market trend or about a given singular stock and adjust accordingly to these order types.

Look forward to some news whether this could be respectfully considered on this please as will otherwise have to be exceedingly cautious in future using this feature.


I cannot test now as for some reason I get message for 95% free funds when placing new limit or modifying existing.

But I usually have no issue with creating Limit orders on closed market and modifying.
Sometimes they are in processing state, but it goes complete in time, once set you can edit.

Cannot comment on market orders, as I rarely use them when closed…

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Trouble is the Limit orders have been buffering in process since yesterday when placed them. Sounds like I cannot modify them until complete - when is that going to be exactly??

Possibly Limit orders are available in Pre/Post Market. While not on Saturday/Sunday maybe?

I usually made Limit orders on weekdays, Pre market time, so maybe reason why it worked without issue :wink:

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very useful, thank you. Shall try at Future open tonight, what time do you know when that is?

Should be midnight.

Can check times on CFD platform.

But maybe it is only pre/post market hours.

As an update the process status did eventually stop in small hours UK time. Was then able to modify existing order. Thats just impractical. Now supposing the price was met on opening and so lost chance to modify.

In my view this should not be dependant on market open…limit editable, cancel and intercepted at any point prior to the trade as required. Without that safety net that is quite dangerous!