Emma integration

Does T212 have any plans to integrate with Emma at some point?

A curious fellow user here… What is Emma? :smiley:

Money manager and budget planner you can link your bank account and broker in there

With which brokers does Emma link already?

Whenever people ask for a feature, I think it would be interesting to know which of the competing brokers already offer that feature (be it Emma, options, annual tax reports, pies, commission free fx, detailed ETF information, etc). So would T212 be playing catchup or be one of the first with that feature?

It sounds quite interesting, however I think that T212s plan is to develop their app without linking to others. Someone asked about another platform that could be linked for detailed stock analysis and I think that was the answer.

Lets see what the team reply :smiley:.

@Team212 can we hear your point of view in the topic? Yes/No/Maybe at some point?

Worth noting that they don’t actually integrate with many of those companies. If you click on them it says about tweeting them.

That’s true becouse of lack of API I use it only for syncing my bank accounts neither T212, Freetrade nor DeGiro are unavailable there

+1 for potential Emma Integration via API

So Emma is similar to the American “Mint” app? Or am I not understanding correctly what it is/is for?

Just found this thread on a Google search, created a forum account to ask for the same thing!

@Matt_C yes it’s very similar, Mint, YNAB etc British Alternative. Links with most of most main bank /saving accounts. Fantastic budgeting app. Would link a referral code but don’t want to get banned on my first post…

I still have the old version of ynab before they went web based. Great program.

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