EOD liquidity spikes

When will these liquidity spikes around the swap times be addressed on the CFD platform? T212 has been saying they’re working on minimising it for years and yet it still happens every night. It makes it impossible to set a SL on forex CFDs without monitoring it and turning it off before that time of night. It’s incredibly frustrating because even in profit trades will get stopped out at a loss if you forget to remove your stop loss before this happens.

Let me shed some light. The most significant liquidity drop in the FX market occurs towards the end of the session, and spikes usually appear during that period.

On a side note, Stop Loss orders are executed with the first available quote once they are reached (or surpassed), which could lead to execution at a price lower than the pre-set target.

I know all that. The point is only T212 seems to have such a problem with them. Other brokerages are able to suppress them for the most part but here they can be as large as 100+pips which completely invalidates any kind of sensible SL and makes holding over night impossible without removing the SL beforehand.