CFD inaccurate stop loss triggers?

In the past weeks I’ve had two occassions where my CFD stop losses we’re triggered without the price chart showing the actual price dip that would have triggered them. I can back this up with snapshots of the close position notifications and corresponding charts - but rather than fixate on these (and I imagine getting compensation is not possible, luckily the amounts were not huge) I’d like to understand whether the CFD pricing we see is not accurate? (I’ve also noticed that after buying a CFD sometimes some very erratic price action appears on the chart).

If the front interface of CFD is showing inaccurate information that would obviously be worrying and at the very least would require a clear disclaimer - maybe I overlooked this and it’s somewhere in the small print. Any help or thoughts on this?

Do you have an example if you list the stock and time it triggered at what price I could take a quick look.

If there is an issue T212 will pay out. There has been weird spikes before which was system fault.

(I’m not staff btw)

Sure. One occasion I was short on Hertz (which would have been profitable) but SL got triggered at price of 1.824. while the chart clearly shows that at the time of the SL trigger (14:03) the price was around 1.650. The price did move up later but that’s not the point of course, and the difference in pips is significant.

I’m seeing that 1.8248 ask


When closing a short position or setting stops you need to be looking at the ask. The default chart is the bid.