Error when setting up autoinvest


While trying to set up autoinvest on my pies for the first time for each pie I am getting an error telling me that my card doesn’t have enough funds (certainly not the case).

This only happens the initial time trying to set it up, if I then back out of the pie and go back in and click the same card for payment method it is adding it. After getting the error on every single pie I made a successful deposit using the same card so I know for sure it wasn’t an issue with my card.

Please can this be looked into?

We’ll look into it, Matt. Thank you!

As a side note, at first I thought it was that my autoinvest amount was below the minimum needed to invest in the pie, so I did try on some pies where the minimum needed investment is £1 and got the same issue. These were all pies that were previously funded via manual deposits, not sure if that could be causing any issues.

Oh and all the autoinvest dates were in the future, either set to be weekly Friday or monthly 15th, none started today.