Autoinvest fund money missing never appeard - ✅ Solved

Hello everyone.
It seems that i can not find help in the help center because apparently the helpbot is replying the same all over ,so i turned here for help.
At 30/10/2020 i have invested 1000 on my first autoinvest pie from my card.
the money successfully removed from my account but never appeared on the pie !
At first i thought it was something that the system had to do , apparently not.
I had never seen my money there or equally distributed on the pie.
Then i thought deleting that pie, it was so easy since there was no money there, now i have no pie and no money ! but the 212 bot says that they have saw the money !
So what is going on ?
Anyone with the same problem ?
Many thanks

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Hey there @evan, :wave:

Helpbot was correct, you did invest the amount on the 30/10/2020.

Can you check your inbox, I’ll DM you. :slight_smile: