ETF add request - SXLC

Would it be possible to add $SXLC to the list of available ETF’s that we can trade please?


No is the short answer. Most US Funds cannot be sold to EU and UK investors. There’s a sticky on the stock request forum that provides a summary of what can be added.

SXLC is an ETF on the London stock exchange, XLC is the US version

Good point when I stuck it in google it directed me to the Us listing which is a common mistake lots make on here :upside_down_face:

Here’s the link to the LSE listing:

T212 - Has this request been considered. You have the sxlf, sxlf, sxlv, sxli etc… so it would seem to make sense to add this one to?

Additions aren’t made on the basis of what other listings are available. T212 is also rather slow to add ETFs and prefer to batch release them when they do. So you could be waiting for a while.

We’ve added the ETF, @asherwood - enjoy :white_check_mark: