ETF Excel Spreadsheet - Download

Hey Everyone!

Thought some of you may like to have an excel spreadsheet of some popular ETF’s.
Most (if not all) of these can be used with Trading212.

I gathered the data slowly, but it has useful stuff like:

  • Ticker Name
  • Fund Size
  • Previous Year Returns
  • Fees and expenses

It’s not all of them, but this is just a list of some of the common ones.
Each tab has a list of a brands ETF’s (Vanguard / Ishares ) etc.

Dowload a copy here:

Enjoy - Happy Trading :slight_smile:

*Hope this complies with rules of the group, as I thought this would help others.


Thank you!
Here some newbie questions:
How do you calculate the ratio return / risk ?
Regarding the bond etf: how do I get the return if I subscribe to one? For istance according with the list the “Vanguard USD Treasury Bond UCITS ETF Distributing” last year gave the 21% of return…how? And did the same bond give only 20,97 in the last 3 years?
I apologize if my questions are silly :slight_smile:

Hey @mmaatt78

The data was just gathered from JustETF.
I don’t currently trade the bond etf market so I cannot agree/disagree with the figures.
Seems to be accurate to the web listing on their site though.


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I have deleted the link - the file is no longer available.
It was old and outdated.
See for ETF details.