Strong ETF Growth

Hello you very wonderful and intelligent people that make up this forum. I sincerely hope you are doing well and keeping positive.

I have recently added the Vanguard S&P 500 ETF to my portfolio to balance it out from volatility. I please wondered if anyone kindly knows of any other good ETFs that have some good growth prospects for the future please? If anyone kindly had any thoughts on this i would be forever grateful and thankful for any support you can give, it would be highly appreciated.

Sending you lots of good wishes and i truly hope you achieve massive success with your investing. All the very best to you and take care.

A cheap, liquid Nasdaq 100 tracker? Other options include factor ETFs like quality, some covering other parts of the world such as emerging markets and Europe, or others covering things you may not have much exposure to such as small caps.


This is very speculative. No one has a crystal ball to see the future so your best being in a diversified all world fund with low fees.

If GBP then VWRP and HMWO would be a good starting point.