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Hey guys, is there anyway to see more detail about particular ETF’s. For example the top holdings, sector or countries?



I think it will get in focus this subject at some point, but after this period with AutoInvest is getting implemented and other priorities. No time frame yet, but you can bump this thread for more ETF Information.


Not in the app. But you can easily find this data. Just Google something like “iShares EMIM” or “Vanguard VUSA”, go to the iShares/Vanguard website and read in the Holdings section.

Or open an account with Hargreaves Lansdown depositing £1. Install their app. Now you can search there. They handily list “top 10” for all ETFs and funds.

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Hey BoolQ, thanks for the reply appreciate it.

Just out of curiosity, I saw you posted in another thread that you were excited about the Autoinvest feature, what do you think makes people so interested in it. What are the main features that make it so attractive when you still have to pick the stocks you want to invest in etc?

For me personally it is a very useful tool for setting my investments, especially for a long-term plan. It is a very versatile feature and having automated functionalities is simplifying the portfolio management (especially rebalancing). It is something that I was thinking about since I started my financial journey.

You should check exactly how this feature can fit your goal and strategy (if you invest in just 1 share/ETF it will not be very helpful). But to get more in-depth information about this tool you can read this initial description or even this initial pie idea thread. Also you can check the discussion of other users regarding their use of AutoInvest.

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I made a pretty primitive, but useful little tool today to see underlying ETF holdings…

Have a play…

It’s a quick hack. Ignore any errors! I didn’t properly quality control it but it’s a start


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Just realised how bad it looks on an iOS device! Whoops! I’ll fix tomorrow

Awesome, this is cool, nice work! I used it on desktop and worked fine.
Thanks for sharing!

Nice one. What web framework are you using? Something python based?

That looks great Finki. This is hardly available on Github?

No, all the heavy lifting is .NET to a database

The Database is SQL hacked out with PHP

There’s a little NoSQL in there too

It’s a quickish hack but the underlying data set strikes me as quite valuable now I think about it

Not on Github, no
No one needs to see my wild coding!!!
Im not a dev
I’m a brokerage operations guy by trade


I just tried to search for VRWL (Vanguard FTSE All World) but nothing showed up.

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There is no shame in it.

Yes, because your “thinking” about it wrong.

The flow is STOCK >>> held by >>> ETF

Whereas you are looking for an ETF

The search unearths stocks held by ETFs. Not a search for ETFs

So, you’d either need to know a stock held by VWRL, or just jump straight into the section that shows you underlying (30 at least) of the ETFs holdings…

But, sure, I’ll add a ETF “list” that you can drill into from there.

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