ETF overall holdings view

Is there a tool online that can combine all your ETFs holdings and present the first 20/50 holdings in percentage ?

e.g. many ETFs have AAPL. Would be nice to see how much you own in total at any given time of AAPL by looking at the combined ETFs quantities you own.

Not sure if this answers your question exactly, but you can create a portfolio on and track everything on there.

Thanks. I’ve used that site to check ETFs I will try to build a portfolio. What I want to see if basically the 10 first stocks I’m holding looking at the cumulative view of all my ETFs.

Can I ask if there’s an easy way to tell if an ETF is managed ? (apart from the factsheet)

Not sure I fully understand your question.

All ETF’s are managed just by proxy of them being ETF’s.
In regards to each ETF’s holdings, this changes overtime obviously, so the best way to check would be the ETF providers site I believe.

For that, I use a very good tool from UK’s Morningstar: XRAY.

Among many features that let you visualize the details of a combination of several ETFs, it has even Holding Overlap where you can see the potential doubling of companies in that portfolio.


I’m using Morningstar to get an overview of my portfolio. It is also good for inspiration when you want to rebalance.