Eurasia Mining appoints new nomad


Hopefully it will be off suspension next!


I had a look at this one a few months ago and it seemed interesting with Palladium prices increasing, however I do not know why it lost its Nomad and was suspended. Do you reckon the same fundamentals that applied in February and made it an interesting stock apply now?
Obviously, itΒ΄s in Russia which in itself is a risk.

It was seemingly suspended because a representative of CITIC Bank tweeted they were in advanced negotiations with Eurasia over Montechundra.

Think the nomad had lost interest in the project. The old nomad (I think was WH Ireland iirc) usually deals with much larger companies.

Fun fact: same fella also tweeted out my article in them and called it balanced.

Okay, I may invest once it is back from the suspension, as long as it does not rocket by then :rocket:

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