Euro/USD forex trade market

Can someone tell me what the h*ll is happening with the Euro/USD forex trade market…? the drop is too low and I am losing hundreds in profit. It’s been on the lowest it has ever been and it looks like it is only dropping lower.

Need a comfort boost

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Monetary policies from the ECB mostly.

For a comfort boost, over time FX fluctuations between the majors currencies really don’t add up to too much. Usually in a range of 5-20% over decades, dwarfed by any investment returns.

Over a shorter period of time, yeah, you may see a 10% differential over a year or two, which would seriously impact the returns you’ve made in the period, but if your focus is long term oriented, I wouldn’t worry.

If FX fluctuations still are a worry for you, there are a few Hedged ETFs here on T212, both in GBP/X and EUR denominations, tracking indexes such as S&P500 but also hedging itself against FX. It will have “Hedged” in the name or the description :+1:


And also having a currency-hedged product, it has its costs, reducing the profitability or increasing the losses. As there ain’t no free lunch.

The currency-hedged products are better suitable only for shorter periods of time or for high volatile currencies (e.g. Turkish Lira).

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What is your trading strategy?
Why did you buy eur/usd? What was your exit strategy?
If you entered the trade long term then you need to weather out the storm.

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