European Economic Zone Stocks


I would like to have 3 stocks added to an exchange inside the European Economic Zone:

  1. British American Tobacco
  2. Gold Fields LTD
  3. Petrobras

I see these on IBKR on the Frankfurt exchange. But they are available in Berlin, Stuttgart as well. It’s a tax benefit for Hungarians to have stocks in EEZ exchanges. Please add these, thank you


That’s a weirdly specific tax code, are you sure they mandate the listing on the exchange, and not the HQ of incorporation?

  1. BTI should indeed be available on XTRA, which T212 supports, so this one should be fine.
  2. Gold Field has no other exchange supported by T212.
  3. Petrobras has no other exchange supported.
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In the Hungarian code, they look for the location of the exchange.

The dividend tax is 15%
→ if you paid withholding tax in 1) EEZ 2) double tax treaty country (US), you can deduct that
→ if you paid withholding tax in non-EEZ or non treaty country, you can also deduct, but you pay a min. 5% at home

The real concern is the so called “szocho” tax, (social contribution tax) 13%
→ if you had e.g. wages of gross 24x minimum wage (6.2 mill HUF for 2022) then you don’t pay, and there are other exclusions (eg you are student under 25)
→ if you got your dividend from an EEZ exchange, you also don’t pay it

It is a main concern to some of my friends/family who had to pay it for the last 2 years now, before I realized they could be saving themselves from it by moving to an EEZ exchange.

Well, I see on XETRA:

  1. PBR

  2. GFI

  3. BTI is also up there (cant put more links in)

These are all available on IBKR, I opened a trial account and checked.

My bad, all three should indeed be possible to add.

Welcome to the Community, @Petya97 :tada:

I have forwarded your instrument requests for further review and will update the thread accordingly.

Hi @Michael.M

Do you happen to have an update on this? Thank you.

Not yet. The requests are still under review :hourglass_flowing_sand:

I’ll post in the thread once there’s any news.

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Thanks Michael, I appreciate it.

Just realized, this szocho tax considers not the exchange’s location but the broker’s

Since Trading212 is in Bulgaria - this is all good, I can enjoy the tax exemption